Bro. Ernest

CEO & Founder

Bro. Ernest is the type of person who can do multiple things at a time, and does it better than everyone else. Bro. Ernest lives and breathes music and the word of God. Get in touch in order to learn a thing or two about the industry.


Lady Gloo


It takes talent to know talent, and Lady Gloo understands that better than anyone. Want to find out more about this individual? Learn more about Her great work as a Manager and Radio Host every Tuesday and Thursday.


Rev Isaac Aryee

Station Pastor

Some times I ask my self what am I doing outside of Prison, because it was humanly impossible for me to be free from this horrific thing that came on me. Let me take you through my journey that brought me to a place of rejection, depression, frustration, loneliness and sueciedle .

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Blenkell Williams

Director Of Operations 

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Ps. Gloria H Beulah

Radio Host


Apt. Eric Arthur

Snr. Station Pastor