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Khichdi The Movie Full Movie In Hindi Online [April-2022]




 . . madcap gold-digger and a chocolate-fixated young boy, respectively. An all-out nutcase is what I can safely assume Khichdi: The Movie to be, given the ridiculous plot, the kids’ super-colossal and hyper-fantastical-epicurean shopping, as well as the flamboyant villain and the title of the movie. The film stars Anupam Kher as Dad, Suhasini Mulay as Mom, and Rajshri Deshpande as Guddi. Khichdi: The Movie, directed by Pradeep Sarkar, was filmed in the city of Surat in Gujarat. Filmed on a budget of INR 2.5 million, Khichdi: The Movie was released on 24 April 2010. The film generated a box office collection of INR 27 million. The film was a success at the box office. Plot Fadnavis (Rajendra Prasad) is a top politician in a city. His wife, Parekh (Kartika Shernus), is a school teacher and a school principal. After all their work in the city, the two of them have decided to take an extended vacation in the beach town of Veraval, the three-hour drive away. While in the beach, they meet one of Fadnavis’ workers, Mahadev Khichadiyaan (Anupam Kher), and his friend Raja (Sudhir Dalvi). He has an unfinished business of getting his brother’s (Karan Nath) entire house and car sold so that he can use the money to spend his whole life in the desert. Mahadev gives his one of his children, Shubam (Jiten Lalwani), the keys of the house and car as collateral for the amount. In the next few days, while vacationing with her husband, his secretary (Shashank Arora), and Mahadev’s son, Shubam, Parekh sees the grand home of Fadnavis. Parekh believes this is the same home where she has given the keys of the house and car as collateral for the money to her son’s friend. It takes Parekh, her husband, Mahadev, and Shubam to the house. Parekh tries to find out if she has given the keys of



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Khichdi The Movie Full Movie In Hindi Online [April-2022]

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